ABUS Granit XPlus 54 Mini Review The strongest ABUS U-Lock you can get will frustrate would-be thieves

When you make a big investment, like buying a new bike, you want to protect it. And when you’re trying to protect your bike the most common, and perhaps easiest, way to do it is with a good lock. A good bike lock will keep your bike secure, be easy to use and easy to bring with you wherever you go on a bike. And while, if given enough time, any lock is beatable, we just want to make sure our lock is safe enough to deter someone from even trying. For all these reasons, we love the Granit XPlus 54 Mini from ABUS.

The 54 Mini is the little brother of ABUS’s flagship lock, the Granit XPlus 540. But rather than shrinking the entire lock to make it more portable, ABUS simply shrunk the XPlus’s “shackle.” The shackle is the part of the lock that comes out of the body, and goes around the thing you are trying to lock your bike to. Put more simply, it’s the U in a U-lock.

Double bolting is a primary feature giving the ABUS Granit XPlus 54 Mini U-lock far greater protection than other locks.

This makes the lock just that much more portable. At its longest, it is about 8 inches long. That makes it easy to toss into even a small bag while you are off for a ride. Or, lock it around a bag strap and don’t worry about it swinging and hitting you or your bike. 

Of course with this shorter shackle there are some drawbacks. Mainly, the lock can’t reach as far, so you need to have your bike very close to what you are locking it to. But ABUS specifically designed the Mini to be as wide as its larger locks so that it can still fit around large urban locking points, like reinforced parking meter posts. So while it won’t reach as far, if you can get it close to what you want to lock to, it will reach around most of what you’ll find. 

On the flip side, this drawback actually enhances your protection, limiting the amount of room a would-be thief has to pry, cut or saw their way through this substantial lock.

And while you do have to be close to your bike, you don’t have to worry about scratching your paint since the body of the lock is covered with a plastic sheath, and the shackle similarly has a rubberized coating. 

And that is all without speaking to the actual security of the lock. The lock has the highest security ABUS offers, a 15 out of 15. It starts with the double bolting. While most U-locks lock one end and then “hook” the body of the lock with the other end, both ends are actively locked with the Mini. Because of this, the key hole is at the base of the center of the lock. This means that cutting through the lock isn’t enough to steal your bike. The lock ends wont spin, and neither end will budge since they are both locked in. To beat the lock you’d literally have to cut it twice and remove a piece of the shackle. 

The lock is made from temper hardened steel and features ABUS Power Cell Technology, the best protection the brand has against bashing. It also features a cylinder-style lock that resists picking, and even covers itself when a key isn’t in it to prevent dust or grime from working its way in. 

Adding to the convenience, the Mini can be keyed to match other XPlus cylinder locks. So, if you and your partner want to be able to unlock each other’s bikes, or you want multiple locks on the same bike, you’ll only need one key. And the Mini comes with two keys, one standard, and one with a small LED light to help you unlock your bike in the dark. 

Overall, we are impressed with the ABUS Granit XPlus 54 Mini. It is solid as all get out, intensely reinforced, a portable size, and offers great protection for your investment at $110. 

$110; 2.5lbs; mobil.abus.com