ABUS Steel-O-Chain 8808C Lock Review Images by Wil Matthews

Some of us are the forgetful types, the ones who leave things around, never have matching socks and can’t quite seem to find our phones without calling them. If there is one thing you don’t want to lose, though, it is your bicycle. The best way to prevent that? Well, it’s to lock it up. Of course, that often brings with it another challenge: the bike lock key.

If your bike is locked up and secure, but you can’t find the key, well then no one is going to ride it. That is why for many riders, the combination lock is a far better option than a lock with a key. Getting a combination lock that is more than just a thin cable, though, can sometimes be a struggle.

That is why we love ABUS’s Steel-O-Chain 8808C. The Steel-O-Chain is a massive 8mm chain wrapped in a textile tube to prevent any scratching on your bike. The chain is made of hardened steel that resists cutting and prying, and comes in at an impressive 1,600 grams. At about 3.5 pounds, this chain isn’t great for racing, or hours-long rides, but it is perfect for commuting and running errands.

The chain design gives you great flexibility. You can throw it over your shoulder, ride to work or the park and then lock your bike up to whatever you might find, be it a sign post, a bike lock or a fence rail, even at odd angles. You get both the flexibility of a chain and the security of hardened steel. Abus ranks this an 8 out of 15 on their security scale and says it is great for most good bikes, though you might want something more secure for your carbon fiber racer.

What we love, though, are the four massive spinning dials that allow you to set and enter your own combination. Unlike other cheap locks, these wheels spin smoothly and confidently with massive, easy to read numbers that allow you to choose your own four-digit code. It makes it supremely easy to head out the door with your bike and your lock without having to worry about anything else.

For security, flexibility and ease of use, even for the forgetful, the Abus Steel-O-Chain 8808C is the perfect option to keep others off your bike, while ensuring that you can always get on it. 

$80; mobil.abus.com