Bianchi Bolsters its eBike Line with E-Omnia Family of Models E-Omnia includes three different bike categories and eight models

Bianchi is making serious inroads into the e-bike market. This week the Italian bike brand announced not just a new e-bike, but a whole new family of e-bikes called e-Omnia with multiple models designed for just about any type of rider.

It makes sense that a family of bikes with models catering to all types of riders would be called “Omnia,” meaning “everything.” The e-Omnia family is divided into three different categories, or types as Bianchi calls them, based on their intended use. The C-Type is designed for city riding; the T-Type is for touring; and the X-Type is for mountain biking. Additionally, there are sub models available for the different bike categories, bringing the total number of new e-bike models to eight. And there are even more options that that. Bianchi’s new advanced 3D online bike configurator allows you to fully customize the bike you want and see it in three dimensions on your computer as you add on different options. There are a whopping 8,500 possible configurations!


The city C-Type model is a single model featuring a step-thru design, which makes riding in street clothes simple and easy. Fenders protect from mud while an optional belt drive system provides additional simplicity and protection against chain grease. Bianchi says the bike will be able to go about 68 miles on a single charge. And front suspension adds more comfort to the ride. The C-Type starts at €3,320.


T-Type men’s version.

The touring T-Type comes in three different models: a men’s and women’s version as well as a full suspension FT-Type meant for more serious tourers mixing on and off road terrain. The FT Type offers 100mm of rear travel and 120mm front and starts at €4,900, while the two T-Type models start at €3,370.

FT Type


FX Type

Serious mountain bikers will want to take a look a the FX-Type. This full suspension model does away with the cargo rack and offers 150mm of travel and 29-inch wheels to roll over anything. A 500Wh/625Wh dual battery option provides up to 88 miles (142km) of range for all day adventures. It starts at €4,800. The X-Type is a hardtail mountain bike which has the same battery options and wheel size as the FX-Type. It starts at €3,450.


Industry Leading Motor

Each e-Omnia model uses the same industry leading motor from Bosh, the Performance Line CX, which delivers 250W of power and up to 85 Nm of torque for quick acceleration and high performance uphill. A 500Wh or 625Wh battery system powers it all.

Integrated Safety Features

Each model comes with integrated front and rear lights which output 40 Lux of brightness, offering up to 100 meters of visibility, and crucially up to 500 meters of visibility to other road users. The front light also shines out the sides, offering additional safety. Bianchi has another trick up its sleeves: ABS, or anti-lock braking system. You’ve probably heard of this braking system which is standard in cars and other vehicles. It prevents your brakes from locking up the wheels, which can lead to loss of control and sometimes accidents. Now you can get that very same protection in your e-bike as an add on option through the Bianchi online configurator. It’s an expensive upgrade at €1,640, but it might be worth it for you if you value better handling and control while braking.


Cargo space has become an essential part of owning an e-bike, letting you replace more car trips with the simplicity of two wheels. Each e-Omnia model come standard with an integrated rear rack, and there are options for bags and panniers as well as a child seat in the e-Omnia configurator. Of course, you can always add additional third party bags down the road.


The new bikes aren’t yet available for sale in the United States, but they should be hitting American shores summer 2021.

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