Brooks Running Run Visible Collection Can Help You on a Bike

One of the best ways to stay safe on the road while commuting for going out for a fun ride is to make sure that all others on the road can see you. Of course, one of the main ways to do this is by using front and rear bike lights, but what you wear can also have a big effect on how visible you are. 

That’s why we are such fans of a new line of clothing from Brooks Running, the Run Visible collection. While these clothes were designed for running and jogging, they’ll also work great as you bike, wait at stop lights, and cross streets. These pieces run the gambit of activewear, from your feet with socks, to the top of your head with hats, though many of the pieces in the middle, like jackets and tights, will likely work better on the bike.

The reflectivity of these pieces is specifically designed to work best in low light and night time scenarios where it might be completely dark.  Brooks designed its sections of reflective material in areas that are in motion as we move. Not only does it reflect the light, but this reflection will move in the driver’s field of vision, increasing the likelihood that it catches a driver’s eye. 

Brooks does this with 3M’s Scotchlite™ Carbon Black Stretch reflectivity which makes the wearer visible from up to 600 feet away, while still moving and stretching with you as you are active. 

Along with the reflective black panels, the line also features accents of bright neon yellow green. Pieces like the Carbonite Vest or Carbonite Jacket, as well as the Carbonite Sock or Carbonite Short Sleeve shirt will work great on a bicycle. 

Whatever you wear, make sure you are seen on your bicycle to help you stay safe.