Cadence Further Barbag Review A Small Barrel Bag Might Be Perfect for Your Bike

If you need a few essentials on your ride, or like having your favorite snacks with you mid-ride, then the new barbag from Cadence’s gravel collection “Further” might be a great fit for you.

The bag, built by Orucase, is small and versatile. The body of the bag is a simple and sharp-looking barrel shape that prioritizes convenience over organization. The bag has a capacity of just 1.15 liters which Cadence optimizes in one large interior pocket, rather than with a series of interior pockets.

On the back of the bag, four attachment loops arranged in a line make it easy to fit the bag wherever you need it. It is easy to attach the bag to the handlebars, or elsewhere on your bike, by sliding the included hook and loop straps through the bag’s attachment points, and around the bars or tubes of your bike. While it is designed for the handlebars, the size and versatility meant it was perfect for putting near my front fork between my top-tube and down-tube.

This bag is also ready to stay on your bike year round, regardless of the weather. The YKK zipper is waterproof and easy to pull open. Even better, it pulls together both sides of the bag’s waterproof ​​Dimension Polyant VX42 fabric. Whether it is riding through puddles, snow or heavy rain, whatever you throw in your bag will be protected.

I used this bag for a 370-mile trip when I wanted a small bag to hold electrolyte powders, snacks, and a small orange juice bottle that I refilled with maple syrup (there are few things better after a few hours of riding than a shot of maple syrup) and it worked perfectly.

The bag is high quality. The flexibility allows you to put the bag where you need it, and the construction means it is ready for whatever you face. This isn’t the bag to take on a weekend backpacking trip with you, it’s the bag to take with you to work when you just need a little bit of room, in a simple design, that stays out of the way and in place, mile after mile.