Chamois Butt’r: A Commuting Godsend 

If you are riding more these days, you may have started to notice more discomfort where you sit. That soft and sensitive area becomes the major connection point between you and your bike. Other than your hands and feet, your seat is what keeps you locked on to the bike. A large increase in saddle time can greatly increase rubbing, chafing and your discomfort. Thankfully there are ways to manage your discomfort as your body gets used to all your riding.

Of course, having the right equipment is a crucial first step. If you are riding more than 30 minutes or so, a chamois will help you stay comfortable and on your bike longer.

A change of clothes will also make sure that the aid a chamois gives you doesn’t become a detriment later on. The Cleveland Clinic says, “Managing moisture and germs in the saddle area is very important. This helps keep pores clear and clean and helps avoid infection. Make sure you wear clean bike shorts each time you ride and remove them immediately after cycling.” Even if you aren’t going to shower immediately after a ride, getting out of your riding clothes is a great first step when you walk into your house or office. It lets you dry out and avoid nasty saddle sores.

If you are following these steps, and still having discomfort, consider purchasing what almost every regular cyclist has in the trunk of their car or in a bucket by their cycling clothing, Chamois Butt’r.

Chamois Butt’r is a thick cream that you can apply to the pad of your chamois or directly to your skin. It lubricates your skin without feeling greasy and helps cut down on any rubbing or friction you might feel between your seat and the saddle, or between your own skin.

It is engineered for cycling and the sport’s delicate clothing so you don’t need to worry about it, breaking down, staining or otherwise ruining any of your nice cycling apparel. It dries like lotion on your skin and washes out of clothing and off your skin with just soap and water.

But more importantly, it just feels great. Even before a ride as you apply Chamois Butt’r, you can feel it soothing your skin, making even already irritated and chaffed skin feel better. Then mid-ride you get all the benefits of a lubricant that helps your skin slide past itself and any clothing, without making you feel like you’re going to slip right off your saddle.

While you may be embarrassed, at first, to buy something called “butt’r” the benefits are well worth any blush you might have when your coworker peers in your desk drawer. Discovering Chamois Butt’r feels like a cheat code to cycling. It’s cool, comfortable, and a godsend for sore seats. As part of a healthy approach to your kit and hygiene, Chamois Butt’r will keep you comfortable and on your bike longer.