Chrome’s New Hi-Viz Reflective Collection Clothing Will Keep You Safe, and Comfortable

Visibility is crucial to staying safe while on a bike, that’s why we so regularly stress using your bike lights to stay seen on the road. But what you wear can also have a huge impact on how visible you are to cars. That is why we are such fans of the new pieces in Chrome’s Reflective Collection.

This new collection uses Chrome’s 360° Hi-Viz reflective material that reflects an obscene amount of light. The clothing doesn’t just have sections of reflective material, it is made almost entirely out of reflective material, hence 360°. When we first tried on the jacket we were blown away by just how bright it is. With even a small amount of light the jacket glows bright white.

It is not a reflection like that of a mirror that will blind you if you look down at it though. Rather, it glows as if it were illuminated from within. You get the reflective benefits without blinding yourself or others. It is particularly visible especially when you look at the jacket in the mirror, which helps bring out the reflectivity just a touch.

While we first noticed the reflective exterior of the Chrome Wind Cobra 2.0 Reflective Jacket, we also loved the design and cut. On top of being reflective, the material is windproof and water resistant. While it does have some venting on the back between the shoulders, some riders who run warm, or those in warmer climates, may not appreciate that the jacket lacks venting zippers at the hem or armpit. You will need to rely on the main zipper, which can be pulled from both the bottom and the top, to control your temperature.

The jacket also has a long rear hem to cover your entire back as you bend over the handlebars, a great feature for inclement weather and wet roads. The jacket also has two secure zipper pockets to keep your hands warm at a stoplight or keep small items, like your keys, in place. There is also a back zippered pocket on the left side of your back, at the height of a cycling jersey pocket, that you can reach back to and access while you’re riding, but only if you have sure balance. The jacket is also a smart looking piece that does not scream “cycling” and works great as a piece of city gear even if you aren’t riding your bike—a trademark Chrome quality. There is no reason the benefits of the windproof, water resistant, and reflective material shouldn’t be enjoyed on foot too.

Along with the jacket, the collection also includes a Hi-Viz cycling cap that shines from the brim and body, even through the ventilation slots in your helmet, as well as a 5-panel cap that’s great if you are not wearing your helmet, like when you walk around.

Staying visible is crucial for safety. Chrome is making sure you can look good while you do it. When it comes to riding the city, especially as the temperatures drop, this 360 Hi-Viz apparel is sure to do the trick.