Compete with Your Friends & Get Outside with Strava Group Challenges

If you have ever been on a team, in a workout group, or attended a workout class, you know that sometimes the thing you need to get just a touch more out of your workout is the support of your friends and peers. It helps us meet our fitness goals, exercise more regularly, and more often than not, have more fun. That’s why we are excited for a new development from fitness tracking app Strava: Group Challenges.

We have spoken in the past about the popular workout-tracking app Strava. Strava uses the GPS on your phone or compatible device to track where you are, how far you’ve gone, and how fast you go. Many competitive cyclists use it for training, but many more casual riders use it to track their improvement, record their routes, and share their locations with friends. Strava’s social feature also allows you to share your workouts with your friends, and comment on their activities to encourage them as they get outside and exercise.

Strava’s new feature, Group Challenges, helps make that encouragement and friendly competition even more tangible. It starts by picking an exercise, like cycling or walking, and setting a goal for a distance or time spent doing the activity. You can even do a combination of activities, like 10 hours of walking or cycling. Up to 25 of your friends or family members can join in and compete, track each other’s progress, and encourage one another. While creating these challenges is protected behind Strava’s paywall, free users can join up to three challenges. So, even if you have just one friend who pays, you should be able to partake in one of these challenges.

Strava created these challenges after seeing an uptick in users beating their own PRs, joining online Strava running and riding clubs, and trying more adventurous running and riding challenges in the absence of real-world races and competitions in the past year. These new Group Challenges give you the opportunity to fill in that socializing gap while continuing to strive for your fitness goals.

These new challenges are an opportunity to increase your fitness while keeping the efforts light and fun. It’s another way to get out on your bike more and encourage those around you. Isn’t that what being part of a community is all about?