Elite Jet Green: A New Plant-Based Water Bottle

For many, riding a bicycle is part of a broad lifestyle attempt to be more green, more environmentally friendly. And that is a worthwhile pursuit. While cycling is certainly better than driving a car when it comes time to consider our personal pollution and carbon-footprint, we are not guilt-free. Many of our bike’s components, including tires, lubricants, helmets, and clothing are petroleum based. Which is why when a product that is usually petroleum based is made in other ways, we take notice.

The Jet Green water bottle by Elite doesn’t feel much different than your standard cycling water bottle. It is plastic, with a wide-mouth easy to fill opening, a screw-on cap with a nipple that is easy to pop open and close while riding your bike, and gives plenty of water when you give the soft sides a squeeze. What makes it so remarkable is that it does not seem different at all.

That is because the Jet Green is not made like other cycling water bottles. Rather than using petroleum based plastics, the Jet Green uses plant-based plastics, made from sustainably grown sugarcane that does not contribute to deforestation. The plant-based plastic is able to reduce the CO2 released into the atmosphere during production by 160kg for every 1,000 bottles made. This aids greatly in Elite’s goal to be completely carbon-neutral, a goal they are still working towards.

And the bottle works exceptionally well. We particularly like the variety of sizes: 550 ml, 750 ml, and even 950 ml. I used the 950 ml bottle on a four-day, 370-mile ride and had no issues at all. The bottle was easy to use, easy to drink from, and it didn’t leak, even over bumpy roads and trails. There is no “off” taste or otherwise sign that the bottle was made from sugar cane, other than the small logo of a sugar cane stalk on the side that reads “Change Your Life”.

We did, however find that the slightly more rubbery plastic nipple of the bottle had a tendency to grab on to dirt. We used the bottle on dusty trails, and then on-road after a brief rainfall, and found that the nipple had a fair bit of grime on it. Of course, if you are taking your bottle off your bike and washing or rinsing it regularly, this will be no issue, but if, like many of us, you tend to leave your bottle on your bike for more than a few rides, you are going to want to have a water bottle cleanliness check as part of your pre-ride inspection.

We are glad to see more cycling companies, and cycling accessories, trend toward the more environmentally friendly. We all have room to improve when it comes to our personal carbon footprint. This bottle by Elite allows you to do so without compromise.