Finish Line Grunge Brush Review Hands Free Cleaning We Love

Cleaning your chain can be a messy undertaking. Grease, road grime and brake pad powder can all make a mess of your chain, cassette and derailleurs, not to mention your hands and your clothing.

The Grunge Brush from Finish Line is a great solution to help keep you and your hands a bit less messy, while doing the dirty work on your chain. The brush comes with about an eight-inch handle with bristles on each end. We particularly like the end for scrubbing your chain. It has three small sets of bristles that all converge on each other in the center of a “C” shape. This allows you to place the brush over your chain and work the bristles deep between the links and rollers.

Run your chain backwards through the bristles and give the handle a quarter turn to move the bristles around the entire chain to clear every side. The stiff bristles do a great job of scrubbing your chain, even when they are dry. But for extra cleaning power, dab on some degreaser and keep running the chain. 

But, your chain is only as clean as your cassette and chainrings, and that’s where the other end of the brush’s handle comes into play. This end of the brush has one set of longer bristles, just as stiff as the converging bristles. They’re perfect for slipping between the gears of your cassette, and stiff enough to force out sticks, caked on grime, and leaves that jam their way in there. Similarly, you can put degreaser on these bristles to give you a bit more chemical leverage on the big messes.

After you’re done scrubbing with the brush, all you need to do is run lube over your chain and you are good to go. The Grunge Brush is stiff enough for greasy caked on messes, and gives you the dexterity you need to get into them, without sacrificing your hands or clothing. It’s a winner, a convenient tool, and a favorite in the bike cleaning bucket. And it sure beats using a toothbrush.