Gnarly Hydrate: A Low-Sugar Athletic Drink That Doesn’t Taste Like Garbage

As you bike on these hot summer days, it is easy to lose a lot of water through your sweat, and if you live in a dry climate you may not even realize how much moisture your body is losing.  Riding your bike whether it be for exercise commuting, or just a fun spin around the neighborhood, is real physical work, and as such it’s important that you give your body everything it needs to run well and have you feeling your best.

While staying hydrated and drinking water is a large part of this, on especially hot days it is important to remember that you also need salts. You need to restore the electrolytes in your body. There are a number of ways to do that, including pit stopping at a gas station for a sports drink on the way home, but this summer I have really been enjoying a drink packet designed to fit right into my cycling water bottle: Gnarly Hydrate.

I usually opt for orange pineapple as I’m a classic kind of guy and I enjoy that it tastes like, well, orange (and really not much pineapple). But importantly, it does so without the extreme sweetness that I find in other sports drinks. I usually don’t drink sports drinks while I’m riding my bike because that kind of sugary sweetness, or even worse fake sugary sweetness, always turns my stomach. But I have not had that problem with Gnarly.

A serving has only 4 grams of sugar and no artificial sweeteners. And yet, it doesn’t taste like garbage. They managed to give it a pleasant mellow taste that is easy to drink, even when you are exhausted, or working hard on your bike.

And to help with that hydration, and making my body feel its best, Gnarly has electrolytes like sodium and magnesium which help better hydrate you and keep your muscles churning. To make you feel better in the days after your ride, it also has B vitamins which can help repair cells, including blood cells. You can get it in large pouches, or individual sleeves that fit great in a jersey pocket.

It is one of those things that I appreciate because I don’t think about it. I enjoy that I can have a little bit of flavor on my ride, get my electrolytes and a bit of sugar, without feeling bogged down by sugar. I drink it while I ride, and after, right before I crack my first post-ride beer.

Stay safe and hydrated folks, it is hot out there.

$25.95 (40-serving bag);