Hiplok ANKR MINI Review

Buying a new bike is a thrilling feeling, but soon after you may realize you don’t have anywhere secure to put it. And that back patio or communal basement? Well, it doesn’t look like the most secure place in the world. For a bit more security, consider the Hiplok ANKR MINI.

The Anker Mini is a compact, heavy-duty, steel anchor point that secures to your wall and gives you something to lock your bike or scooter to. The whole anchor system is a bit smaller than a spray-paint can cap, meaning it wont jut far off the wall and get in the way when not in use.

The ANKR MINI has a one-inch hole through the center large enough to slide your D-lock, or cable lock through to lock up your bike. You will have problems with larger chains, but a chain’s lock may fit through the opening; know what your lock and chain’s diameter is before ordering. While the core of the ANKR MINI is steel, the nylon-coated exterior will prevent your bike from being scratched while locked.

You’ll want to secure that ANKR MINI to a durable wall, preferably one made of brick or concrete, with enough depth so that the included mounting screws, about 2 inches long, don’t pass all the way through. For an easier installation, you can use a wooden wall stud or exposed wooden post or beam, though fitment will likely be less secure.

While the ANKR MINI packaging recommends looking up fitment guides on Hiplok’s website, we had trouble locating these on their site and instead had better success watching the installation video for the larger Hiplok ANKR, and translating what we saw to this smaller package.

A secure installation does require the use of a power drill, and a 6mm drill bit appropriate for the wall material you are screwing it into. If you are doing brick or concrete, you will likely need a masonry bit.

The ANKR MINI is a small mounting bracket, and with that size comes some limitations. If someone was dead set on getting this out of a wall, especially if it is mounted to wood, they likely could. So, this device is better for those place you could use a little more protection but don’t need anything “bombproof.” It’d be a great addition to shared apartment basements, exposed backyards or at a workplace.

Buying a bike you love is just the first step; protecting it is one you can’t afford to skip. Products like the Hiplok ANKR MINI make protecting that investment easy, convenient and out of the way.

$25; 3 colors; hiplok.com