Hiplok Jaw Review

After coming home with your first adult bike, you may have been surprised to learn that it, unlike the bikes of your childhood, did not come with a kickstand. That leaves the obvious question, how do I stand my bike up when I am not riding? Maybe you even made the classic mistake of laying your bike down on its derailleur only to find the indexed shifting was all out of whack later.

Well, while you might still need to find walls, benches, and trees to lean your bike against out in the world, at home, the HipLok Jaw offers a clever, streamlined, and easy solution to keep your bikes upright, and stored efficiently, for an affordable $25.

The Hiplok Jaw is a plastic wall-mounted bracket that pinches your bike’s tire to keep it upright. You can either mount the bracket low, to grab your bike’s rear tire with the bike standing as if it were ready for you to throw your leg over, or you can mount it higher up on your wall so it can grab the bottom of your front tire and stand the bike vertically, handlebars toward the ceiling.

Two plastic wings (the “jaws”) come out perpendicular to the wall. You slide your tire between these wings, and push slightly until your tire hits the wider expanse where the wings meet the wall mount. This pinches your tire securely, but not so tightly that it scratches or keeps you from pulling your bike out with anything more than a light tug.

Installation is easy. Just set four screws into your baseplate at the proper wall height for your tire in either vertical or horizontal storage. Then slide the wings on from either side. It’s a little tricky to do by yourself, but all you have to do is push down two adjustment tabs and slide the wing into a closer, or further, notch on the base bracket. The wings can spread from 2 mm to 75mm. And you can adjust while they are mounted to the wall, in case you change your bike with the seasons. The wings can spread or tighten, depending on your tire size, to accommodate just about any tire.

There is even a slot to use one of Hiplok’s low-profile locks to secure your bike to the mount. But if you’re going to do this, you’d want to be sure to mount the Jaw into a stud in your wall, and you’d want to be using this in an office bike room, or shared garage. Somewhere where you could use a bit more security, to make it just a bit tougher to walk off with your bike,  but you aren’t too worried about a stranger coming through and committing real time to stealing your ride. 

And if you ever move, just unscrew the bracket and bring it to your new house. Or if you move your bikes into long-term storage for the winter, just detach the wings and the bracket sits almost flush to the wall until your riding season starts back up again.

What you have is an easy to install, affordable, low-profile, and easy to use in-home bike mounting system. And if you are looking for a solution for both your road and mountain bike, then just grab two! 

$25; hiplok.com