Hiplok’s New Anti–Angle Grinder Lock Is a Huge Leap Forward for Bike Security

For years, bike locks, no matter how thick, heavy or otherwise seemingly reinforced, have had a glaring achilles heel: The angle grinder. This portable, handheld power tool makes quick work of pretty much every portable bike lock, allowing thieves to get away with your bike in a matter of seconds, your expensive lock reduced to a useless scrap of metal in the process. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say it’s like slicing through butter. Hiplok may have just changed that forever with a new anti–angle grinder lock called the D1000.

While Hiplok is careful to use the term “resisant” rather than “proof” because likely no lock will ever fully withstand a determined thief with plenty of time to work on a lock, this one should deter most every thief. Just take a look at this video of the lock not just withstanding an angle-grinder attack, but leaving blade after blade destroyed. Unless a thief comes armed with an arsenal of blades, your bike should remain yours with this lock.

And if a would-be thief is able to make it through the lock, congratulations to them. Now all they have to do is do it all again. Anti-rotation double locking tabs, featured on all Hiplok models, mean that thieves have to cut through both sides of the lock to free the bike. Other methods of breaking a lock like bolt cutters are resisted by a hardened steel core.

And these are not just Hiplok’s claims, either. Independent tester Sold Secure gives the lock its Diamond rating, the highest level it bestows for bike locks. However, given what you can see in that video, there probably needs to be a new tier a step higher. This looks to be the Hope Diamond of diamond-level locks.

The lock’s secret is a composite graphene material called Ferosafe that resists high powered attacks from angle grinders. This material also allows the lock to achieve a still-portable—though certainly somewhat heavy—4-pound weight.

While completely new on the inside, this D1000 functions with the convenience of any other U-lock. A rubberized outer surface also keeps this burly lock from scratching your bike frame. There are also three keys included.

This level of protection will cost you accordingly. The project has been funded through Kickstarter and backers can still get a lock for a pledge of 200 British Pounds—which works out to about $271 at the moment. The projected retail price will be 250 GBP, about $340. But that’s a small price to pay for a lock that provides this level of peace of mind.