I Found the Perfect Solution for Hanging my Bike in My Apartment

I live in a one bedroom apartment, which means finding room for all of my hobbies’ gear, especially my bikes, can be a bit of a challenge. I have two bicycles, my errand-running around town bike, and my nicer road bike. What you soon realize in an apartment in cramped and garage-free quarters is just how oddly shaped, and hard to store, bicycles are.

Tired of bumping into them as they leaned against my countertop, I recently started looking for ways to store them. I thought about hanging them from a rim, stacking them vertically, taking a wheel off, etc. But no matter how I cut it, the bike was either in the way, or so inconvenient to get in and out of storage that I worried I would actually use my bike less. So, I opted for mounting one on a blank wall, and leaning the other against the wall beneath it.

There are plenty of wall mounted bike racks, but the vast majority work by hooking under the bike’s top tube. The big issue here, as with many bikes, is that my bike’s top tube is not straight. Rather, it has an aggressive downward angle. That means if i hung it from the top tube, it would be an odd, crooked, angle. Not something I wanted on my living room wall.

Instead, I focused on finding a rack that worked by supporting the bike under the wheels, which is how I eventually came across this clever system from Session Bike Racks.

This rack works with two platforms for each tire, and an articulating hook that grabs your pedal to hold the bike against the wall. Each platform is 6 inches long, about 3 inches deep, and stamped from 3mm steel. There are a few wheel platform racks, but I chose this one for its large platforms that make it easy to mount without futzing about, and because it has four hooks at the edge of each platform, perfect for hanging your cycling shoes or helmet right beneath your bike.`

The articulating arm holds your bike against the wall by hooking over over the pedal with a sort of two armed “claw.” You can either take the two points of the claw and put them through the gaps in flat pedals, or hook them over the inside edge of a road or mountain pedal. It’s easy to put the pedals on their platforms, reach through your bike frame, and mount the bike with the pedal law.

Since the wheels are against the wall, the bike leans so the handlebars don’t go through your drywall. The lean is adjusted by moving your pedal-claw mount higher or lower on the wall. The arm, as well as the platforms, mount to the wall with screws and included drywall anchors.

Though I have enjoyed the affordable and easy to use rack, there are a few things I wish were different, even if it is hard to complain with a price under $30. Though I have not noticed any wear, I do wish the claw that grabs the pedal were rubberized to prevent any scratching or wear. The mounting can also be a bit difficult. To do it well, you’ll want a measuring tape, level, pencil, and in all likelihood, another person.

Overall though, I am exceedingly pleased with this rack. It has made my bike storage incredibly efficient, easy to use, and space saving. When my bike ownership eventually expands, and my living quarters stay the same size, I’ll surely buy another one.