Innovative New Endura Bibshorts Specifically for Women Endura Women’s Pro SL EGM Bibshort allows bathroom breaks without removing layers

Comfort on the saddle is key to coming back to cycling, for everyone. Unfortunately, cycling gear is not always designed with women’s comfort in mind. That is why we are so stoked for the new Endura Women’s Pro SL EGM Bibshort. Persistent discomfort on the saddle can drive cyclists away from the sport, or even a commute, and often apparel does not set out to address the discomfort felt by women on the saddle.

The difference in bone structures means that women’s bibs and chamois need to pad the rider differently than men’s chamois. Women’s physiology and riding geometry often means they experience more forward rotation and frontal pressure. This creates pressure points different than most men experience. So, Endura uses its 800 Series Conform EGM Pad to intelligently distribute padding and work with women’s bone structure and unique pressures.

Endura does it not by throwing more padding at the chamois, but rather by reinforcing high pressure areas with Elastomer, injecting the medical grade silicone into the more traditional foam padding of the chamois. The foam wicks and stays breathable while the gel adds comfort and protection from pressure points. The gel is injected in liquid form so it can penetrate the foam before solidifying and giving a seamless transition between the materials.

Endura distributes both intelligently to keep the pressure from pressing through the fabric and directly into your sensitive skin, known as “bottoming out.” To do this, Endura engineers zones with the Elastomer in the rear of the chamois, but also, importantly, in the front of the chamois, where female riders experience more pressure than male riders.

And Endura has the science, and team, to back it up. Endura teamed up with Phil Burt, the former Head of Physiotherapy for British Cycling to identify the specific ergonomic needs of female riders and create a bib short to meet them. After the team engineered what they thought would work, it was then rigorously tested by professional riders Lucy Charles-Barclay and Denise Schindler. 

The bib is built from high quality lycra with “coldblack” fabric which helps prevent the build-up of heat, even with the dark color, and provides UPF50 sun protection. Most impressively though, is the Drop Seat construction, which offers quicker access to bathroom breaks. 

Many cyclists know the discomfort of having to take off nearly all cycling apparel to use the bathroom, but it is a problem more acutely experienced by women who do not have the workarounds most men have to relieve themselves mid-ride, while keeping their bibs on. That’s why Enudra made the back of the bib with criss-crossing panels of lycra and highly elastic shoulder straps so that without unzipping or removing the bib, female riders can pull the back of the bibs down to relieve themselves without removing their whole kit. It’s great for mid-ride, at the coffee shop halfway through a ride, or at the brewery after. 

More comfort, and less stress, with the Endura Women’s Pro SL EGM Bibshort means more confidence on the saddle and miles behind it.