Julbo Ultimate Cover Protects More Than Your Eyes—It’s Also Got Your Nose Covered

We have written about Julbo’s light sensitive sunglasses before, but as the weather turns, and commutes mean cold faces, a new pair in the lineup are perfect for your rides in the mountains, or just a quick trip out for a gallon of milk on a cold day.

The Julbo Ultimate Cover is a light pair of cycling glasses with broad and comfortable face coverage. Like the other Julbo glasses we have tested, these are available with a variety of REACTIV photoreactive lenses that adjust to the amount of light around you darkening the lens to protect you from bright light, and lightening the lens to give you greater visibility in lower light situations. It’s even possible to get glasses that go completely clear so that you can wear them in the dark.

What makes these glasses stand out though is their additional protection to keep you comfortable for cold weather riding in the mountains or on your way to work.

The Julbo Ultimate Cover borrows some of its design choices from glacier goggles. On the side of the glasses, where the lens meets the arms, these glasses have small removable spandex side shields. These prevent light, as well as cold breezes or moisture, from sneaking in from the side into your eyes. While you will lose some peripheral vision, in nasty weather it can be worth it to preserve your vision ahead.

More notably, however, is the removable, and conspicuous, nose guard. This broad piece of neoprene clips into the nose bridge of the glasses and extends down to the tip of the nose. This means the glasses can protect your face from the top of the brow down to the tip of your nose. In combination with a buff or scarf, almost your entire face can be covered without any skin poking through. It looks a bit silly in day to day life, but it is comfortable and effective at keeping you protected.

In addition, the glasses also have a highly-customizable fit. The bridge of the nose adjusts in all directions to best fit the shape of your nose and face. The arms are light and flexible so they are comfortable under a helmet and hat and they are designed with Grip Tech temples, a rubber material that will keep them in place but wont grab at your hair. The glasses also come with a rubber cord that wraps around the back of your head to keep the glasses in place, and aggressive venting that keeps the cold out and your lenses clear.

Additionally these glasses work year round as when you don’t need them, the spandex side shields, rubber cord and nose cover are all easily removable. Just be sure not to lose them or your nose will curse you when the wind picks up. Will you get a few snickers walking into the office with your neoprene nose cover? Of course. But who cares who’s laughing when you get where you’re going comfortably?

$180; 8 colors; julbo.com