Kitsbow Mullinax Merino Tee Review This athletic merino tee shirt looks just as good at the brewery as it does on the bike

If you’re riding to work, or heading out for a day in town on your bike, you can’t rely on a mid-day shower to keep you comfortable. In that case, wearing gear on your bike that keeps you dry and comfortable is essential. It’s way easier to prevent a problem than it is to try to fix one. That’s why we love the versatility and effectiveness of gear like the Mullinax Merino Tee from Kitsbow

The Mullinax Tee is made of 75 percent merino and 25 percent synthetic materials. This gives a strong balance of the benefits of both. You’ll get the moisture and odor control of merino, as well as the structure and durability of the synthetic materials, not to mention the breathability of both. The combination makes the shirt great for your bike rides to work on swampy days, as a layer on multi-day bike packing adventures, or trips to the grocery store or brewery.

The cut of the shirt is expertly designed to work with you on a bike. The shirt’s rear hem is cut long so that it will keep you covered, even when you’re bent over your bars. The ergonomic seams also attach the panels of the shirt together beneath your shoulders, rather than on the ridge of your shoulders, to keep any bags or straps from creating uncomfortable rub or chafe points. 

And while the shirt will keep you comfortable, smell-free, and dry on your ride, it is also sharp enough to wear in the office once you get there. The variety of muted colors, as well as subtle design features like crisscrossed seams at the neck and a mottled fabric finish look great no matter where you find yourself after a ride.

While we do love shirts and jerseys with back panel pockets for carrying things on the bike, the fact that this shirt lacks them means you can actually wear the shirt off the bike without garnering any attention. If you are looking for a shirt purely for bike riding, this probably isn’t it, but if your bike is already loaded with packs and bags, or you’re wearing this shirt to commute, the sharp aesthetic, and effective material blend, means it will serve you well and keep you comfortable, all while you look your best. 

We love seeing merino in more clothing, especially merino blends that give durabiltry to the natural fiber’s function. This is another great example of cycling clothing that works great off the bike, something that will give value to your apparel and keep you ready to ride your bike at a moment’s notice. 

$79; 3 colors;