Lezyne Classic Floor Drive Pump Review

Recently, the plastic handle on my college-era bike pump snapped in half, leaving me to pump one handed. For a while, I convinced myself that this was no issue, but believe me when I say, with each pump my annoyance grew. After the second flat of the season, and a good 30 one-handed pumps to get my tire reset, I decided it was time to upgrade.

My previous pump was built for the garage, not that it was durable, instead it was ugly enough that you didn’t want it inside. Clunky plastic, odd colors, oversized. For my next pump, since I live in an apartment without a garage, I wanted something that would serve me well, while also not looking out of place next to my couch and coffee table. The Lezyne Classic Floor Drive Pump met all of my needs perfectly.

Lezyne Classic Floor Drive is made of sturdy materials, including a wooden handle and an aluminum barrel.

First, the construction. The body of the pump, the barrel, is made of slender and solid aluminum. This continues down to the flat, wide feet that make the pump stable. Attached to the feet is an aluminum-housed oversized gauge that shows you pressure. Though I need reading glasses to read even my computer screen (I am in my twenties, how did this happen) the gauge is easy to read without bending over or squinting as you pump. That’s because it is nearly the size of a bar coaster.

The oversize gauge is simple to read, even while standing up.

I don’t fear the handle of this pump snapping on this pump. While my last handle was hollow plastic, this one is made of solid wood. Not only does it inspire confidence, it also looks great. Mine is stained black, but it is also possible to get a more natural clear stain so you can see the wood grain.

The pump head is equally as solid. Rather than having a lever that you have to flip up to latch the head on the valve, you screw a nut on the pump head directly on to your valve stem. One side is Schrader, and if you unscrew the nut, flip it around, and screw it back on, the other side is Presta. While it can be annoying to go through the trouble of unscrewing and re-screwing as you move between valve types, it takes only a moment and gives you another great benefit.

The pump head has a reversible Presta/Schrader chuck that screws onto the valve.

Since you are screwing on to the valve stem, rather than just grabbing it, the connection is supremely strong. While my last pump’s head used to pop off if I tried to put more than 85 PSI in a tire, the screw-on Lezyne pump can go up to 220 PSI.

I have been nothing but pleased with the performance of the pump, especially its solid construction. But what I am loving in the Lezyne more than any other pump I have used is just how put together and sharp looking it is. It looks great in my house. Even the hose, when you’re not using the pump, drapes over the handle and tucks into a cradle near the base of the pump. It gives the pump a neat, orderly and streamlined look. There is no clutter. For a pump that works well and looks great, the Classic Floor Drive is going to be the last one I buy for a long time to come.

$75; lezyne.com