LifeProof LifeActiv Bike + Bar Mount Review Protect your phone on the front of your bike

You likely already know the name LifeProof. The brand makes durable phone cases, ready for whatever adventure you point your selfie cam at. And with the LifeActiv Bike + Bar Mount, this adventurous spirit extends to protecting your phone on the front of your bike.

Some phone mounting systems require you to change your phone case—phone into case, case on mount. But that is not the case with the LifeProof system. It works with any case or phone. You don’t need to shop for it via phone style either. All you need to do is attach the phone mount directly to whatever it is that you already use.

The crux of the mount is an adhesive square that you attach to your phone or case. It’s about the side of half a sugar packet, and it lies nearly flat when attached. It attaches with a 3M adhesive, which can be nerve wracking at first, relying on adhesive down a bumpy road, but it’s a strong connection.

And the benefits of an exterior stick-on mount become clear quickly. If you buy a new phone, or perhaps share a bike, you don’t need to buy new cases or systems, just new mounting squares. You also can keep your personal flair. Leave that beloved Buffalo Bills case on and your phone can still mount to your bike. And it is incredibly streamlined. It slides easily into your pocket without getting hung up on some bulky mounting equipment. Even if you don’t use the case regularly, you won’t be inconvenienced by it.

The handlebar mounting system is equally as streamlined. The mount clasps around your bars with the help of rubber sizing gaskets. It fits on a variety of bar thicknesses. Tightening the mount on the bars is easy thanks to a closure system that resembles a ski boot clasp. A metal gate flips over a series of plastic ridges, each one higher and tighter than the last. Find the right one, flip down a lever, and the mount clamps down hard. It takes seconds.

The mount also uses a clever ball and socket mount. That means, much like your hip, the mount can pivot in any direction. With your phone mounted, you can adjust which angle it points to give yourself the perfect view. Find where you want it, then tighten a plastic collar and the position becomes solid.

Getting your phone on is an even easier task. Just snap the part sticking on your phone into the female receptor of the mount, and flip a small locking switch. Done. Small metal clasps grip the mount on your phone and keep it from going anywhere. Ready to get off the bike? Un-flip the locking switch and twist your phone. It pops right off.

And if you love the mount, you can use it far beyond your bike rides. There are arm mounts, window mounts, and clasp mounts to take it wherever you go.

We love the universal fit of the LifeProof LifeActiv Bike + Bar Mount. It is solid and secure, both to the bike, and your phone. It’s a confidence inspiring product that makes having your phone with you a breeze.