Mongoose Is Bringing Back Familiar Favorites

For many of us, our favorite childhood memory is getting that first real bike. The bright colors, wide bars, and the sense of impending freedom and adventure that comes with finally getting a set of wheels. For many kids that first bike has been a Mongoose, and if you were a child of the ‘80s it may have even been the Mongoose Supergoose or California Special. For those looking for a new fun toy, trying to relive some of their favorite childhood memories, or just looking to have the coolest bike on the block, a new release from Mongoose is sure to excite.

This October, Mongoose is rereleasing these iconic bikes. “Mongoose remade these bikes in the spirit and heritage of the time period they were born, with frames designs, parts and colorways that mirror the look of the 1980s originals,” said Brian Baldis, Mongoose’s director of product development.

The new Supergoose is based on the 1984 model and the California Special is based on the 1983 model. Each will feature components familiar from the original bikes like chromoly tubing, alloy drilled Pro Class Rims, Dia-Compe brakes and levers, Pro Class handlebars, and colors straight out of the ‘80s. The bikes even come with brightly colored wheels with reddish orange rubber on the Supergoose and blue rubber on the California Special. The Supergoose will run you $549.99 in 2021 money while the California Special will cost $449.99.

Completing the nostalgic aesthetic, each bike will arrive not in a dull cardboard box but rather in a white litho laminated box with Mongoose artwork across it.

We love the look of these retro bikes which remind us why we started riding bikes in the first place: to have fun. These Mongooses are a fun addition to your cycling quiver and will look great in your garage or hanging on your wall. Heck, the box itself deserves a place of honor. We can’t wait to see these cutting around our neighborhood. Buy one for your kid, but we won’t tell anyone if you end up riding it most.