Nite Ize Squeeze Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount Review

Knowing where you’re going is a great comfort when you are riding a bike in a city, especially if you’re new to riding, or new to the city. But riding one-handed to check directions on your smartphone? Well, that’s just not the solution we are looking for. In search of ease of use and easy viewing, we recently tested, and enjoyed, the Nite Ize Squeeze Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount. 

Requiring no special phone case to use, this mount grabs your phone from either side with padded bars. At rest, both bars sit parallel to each other, perpendicular to the plastic base plate that is a bit smaller than a playing card. Regardless of the size of your phone, it’s easy to get it to fit snugly.

Two plastic levers jut out from underneath the baseplate. If you squeeze these levers together, the bars on either side of the baseplate spread to either side, allowing you to set your phone between them. When you let go of the levers, the bars squeeze in together, pushing into your phone from either side, and securing it snugly. 

Once locked into place, you can also twist the baseplate 360 degrees, to get your phone in portrait, or landscape, whatever better serves your navigational needs. This is also helpful in case you want to mount your phone on your handlebars, or the stem, parts that run perpendicular to each other. 

Mounting to the bars is easy as well. The mounting system works similarly to a belt. A rubber band comes off one side of the underside of the mount, wraps around your desired tube and then goes to the other side of the mount. There, the loose end runs through a slot on the mount and you pull it down, toward the ground, tightly before pushing a plastic peg on the mount through one of the holes in the rubber band. This means it is easy to securely attach the mount to bars of various sizes.

When you do attach the mount, be sure to run the belt through the slot on the opposite side of the baseplate. On an early run, we simply pushed the plastic peg through the band without first pushing it through the slot, only to have the phone pop off moments later. User error got the best of us. 

This mount is great for commuters and casual riders, perhaps even road riders if the riding surface is smooth, but if your ride is a bit rougher you’ll want to look for a more robust solution. The mount worked well on our road rides but pot holes had us nervous, despite the phone never popping out. The two sided squeezing makes it easy and convenient, but for rougher rides, like gravel, we’d want a more robust system that actually locked the phone in.

If your ride is smooth, this mount is supremely easy to use, easy to attach, a breeze to attach phones of various sizes, and more than secure enough for most urban riding. If you want to see your phone as you ride, and then grab it in a jiffy, all without needing to use a special phone case, this is a winner.