NiteIze SpokeLit Disc-O Select Rechargeable Wheel Light Review Add a bit of fun, whimsy and safety to your ride

Lights make your ride safer, but they can also make your ride more fun. At least the NiteIze SpokeLit Disc-O Select Wheel Light can.

Most riders focus on a front and rear light. The white front light is great for seeing what’s ahead of you, but also for being seen. A white light, either solid, or blinking, helps cars in front of you see you on the road while a red rear light lets pedestrians, drivers, and other cyclists see you from the back. But that leaves a glaring absence, your sides, a direction you certainly want to be seen from, especially riding through city intersections. That’s where the NiteIze SpokeLit’s attention-demanding bright colors help keep you safer.

Unlike other lights that attach to your seatpost or handlebars, The SpokeLit attaches inside your wheel directly on the spokes so that it spins around the hub as you ride. At speed, this creates a spinning ring of light inside your wheel, visible from either side. This serves a double function. Primarily, it does help with safety. The spinning lights are tremendously eye-catching, making drivers notice you, even if they only see you in profile. While not enough to replace a front or rear light, this tertiary light makes you incredibly more visible especially from angles that are currently underserved. And secondarily, it’s fun. It gives a cool look to your bike; it’s easy to switch colors to get your favorite look, or add a bit of whimsy with the changing multi-color setting.

The light is easy to operate. A single exterior button turns it on and toggles through the colors: red, green, blue, white or multi-color. The light takes about an hour and a half to charge and will run for about six hours. It’s also weather resistant, so while you shouldn’t take the light into the pool, it won’t be bothered by a bit of rain, mud, or slush on the road.

The SpokeLit is about the length of a deck of cards, which allows it to nestle between your spokes for a firm attachment. Rather than squeezing between the spokes vertically, the light spans three spokes horizontally. A center ridge goes in front of a middle spoke, while two fins go out to each side behind the adjacent spokes.

While the light is rechargeable, pulling the plastic cap off to get to the micro usb charging port is a bit of a pain, and one of the few things about the light that we didn’t like. It adds a bit of annoyance to what is otherwise an easy to use product that integrates well into how we ride, and takes care of a weakness in our nighttime visibility. Given the cost, about $20, it’s a real winner.