North St. Bags Handlebar Pouch

North St. Bags has released a new dedicated Handlebar Pouch and it’s perfect for your commuter bike. It’s the perfect solution for keeping a few things close at hand and out of the way.

North St.’s new Handlebar Pouch is simple. It is an extra-pocket-free rectangular design that is 10 inches long, 2 inches deep,and 4 inches tall. The 1.5L volume is big enough for the stuff you really want on the bike with you, but not so large that it gets in the way or swings wildly when fully laden. There’s enough room for a few tubes, your cellphone, wallet, bike lights, keys, headphones or whatever else you might need.  

As a dedicated handlebar bag, it doesn’t have any extra straps or complicated attachment systems you need to worry about managing. The bag has two velcro loops that wrap around your handlebars to securely attach it to your bike. Detach the straps to take the bag with you; carry it in your hand or toss it in a larger bag. Folks who don’t want something to carry when they’re off their bike might not like the simplicity, but it makes for an easy to use and out of the way experience on the bike.

We don’t love that the velcro straps aren’t sewn into the side of the bag, which means you have to be careful that the straps don’t slip off and on the ground as you detach your bag. The benefit of this, though, is that you can move the strap to a wider or narrower slot on the Molle-like strap across the back of the bag. Since each slot is sewn about the width of the velcro straps, when you loop them through they won’t sag toward the middle when the bag is loaded.

Like all of North St. bags, the handlebar pouch is made in Portland, Oregon. The bag is made from recycled sail cloth which means it is waterproof, and North St. added a water resistant zipper to protect your things even more.

The bag also comes in a number of handsome colors so you can find one that looks great on whatever bike you ride. If you don’t like keeping a few essentials under your saddle or in a jersey pocket, a handlebar bag is a great option to get what you need on your bike. This waterproof and streamlined option from North St. bags is sure to serve you well over many years and thousands of miles of commuting.

$55; 8 colors;