North St. Bags Venture Pannier 30L Review

Whether you’re going bikepacking, touring or just down the street to get your groceries, a new bag from North Street Bags promises to give you the versatility, weatherproofing and size that you need for whatever adventure your two wheels take you on.

The Venture Pannier from North St Bags is an impressive and versatile bag. When empty it easily sits flat on the side of your bike rack with the help of cinch straps that keep flat to your rack without fear of bumping into cars or catching branches. As soon as you need the space, though, all you have to do is loosen the same cinch straps and the bag expands to an impressive 30 liters. The base is wide enough for a carton of eggs or a case of 12 beer cans. The size makes it a reasonable option to go and pick up your groceries.

North St. Bags Venture Pannier 30L
North St. Bags Venture Pannier 30L can reasonably be used to get groceries.

In addition, two large exterior pockets are perfect for large water bottles like a Nalgene, or anything else you may want to grab while on the bike. The pockets close with easy to use velcro and have reflective stripping on their sides to grab attention on the road. 

The inside of the bag is one large compartment perfect for stuffing with produce or camping gear. If you prefer a bit more organization, the interior is also lined with rings of velcro which make it easy to attach internal organizers offered by North Street including a laptop sleeve. You can use the bag for whatever you need and adapt it to fit those needs.

Those needs could even involve an outdoor adventure. While we love the environmental benefits of the recycled sailcloth material, we also love that it makes this bag waterproof. It’s perfect for stuffing a few layers or even a sleeping bag into as you head out for an overnight, a longer trek or just to your friend’s house for a sleepover. The closure is simple to use. All you need to do is pinch the top of the bag, roll it over itself, and then pull a velcro strap over the top and attach it to both the outside of the rolltop and the body of the bag to ensure that your bag stays rolled closed and tightly packed.

North St. Bags Venture Pannier 30L
The Venture Pannier features a roll top closure for wet weather protection and external attachment points.

For additional protection and confidence, another flap comes over the top and buckles to the body of the bag to ensure that even with winds or a rough ride your bag will stay closed. The top of this flap also has a water-resistant zipper with a small pocket about the size of the fanny pack ready for your phone, keys, wallet or bike tools.

The hook and bungee strap system makes it easy to hook onto a standard bike rack, and if you have something custom-made or oversized North St. promises to help you make their bags fit. When you get off your bike, the bag has plastic D-rings sewn into the body which work great with an optional shoulder strap which makes the bag easy to carry down the street or into your office.

We love the sharp design and variety of colors offered on this made-in-America bag. In combination with the versatility and weatherproofing, it makes it a great option for any kind of ride or adventure where you find yourself needing room to haul. Wherever you’re going and whatever the weather may be, the North St. Bags Venture Pannier 30L will help you get what you need there, and back home again, safely and comfortably.

$180; 6 colors;