Osprey Savu 2 Review A comfortable hip pack for carrying the essentials on your rides.

We have spoken before about the merits of fanny packs (aka hip packs) for biking, and a new option from Osprey designed for biking, the Savu 2, is a perfect example of the comfort and convenience you can achieve when your gear rests just above your hips. 

Fanny packs are great in that they work well with how we ride our bikes. Since they sit on the center of our backs just above our waistline, they rest on a relatively flat surface of your back. While backpacks have a tendency to slide forward and hit your head as you bend toward the handlebars, and shoulder bags can slide off and under your chest, fanny packs stay locked in. 

The new Osprey Savu 2 is a fanny pack, or lumbar pack as Osprey calls it, built specifically for riding your bike. The bag is small, with only a 2-liter carrying capacity, but that also means it won’t weigh you down with unnecessary gear. It’d be a great option as a pack loaded with your spare tube and tire changing kit that you could leave by the door ready for your commute or quick weekend ride. 

The pack stays in place thanks to an airmesh wrap hip belt that keeps the bag secure without causing you to overheat or chafe. The strap is thin and full of mesh holes, helping it deliver comfort and breathability. But that doesn’t make it unnecessarily pliable—the pack still has compression straps that pull the pack close into your body without being uncomfortably tight. That comfort continues to the back of the pack, which sits flush to your back. It is covered with the airscape system of channels that lets hot air escape and cool air come in to avoid getting sweaty, which could make the pack stick to your body. 

While the body of the pack is small, it uses the space well. Two side zipper compartments make up the bulk of space in the bag. Each pocket has tool organizing features like mesh pockets, which also work great for small items like your credit card and ID or snacks. It also has a built in keychain to make sure you can always lock up your bike and get back into your house. Additionally, the hip belt has fabric zippered pockets for just a bit more room. 

Perhaps most clever of all, though, the pack has a pocket for your cycling water bottle. It’s big enough for one standard cycling bottle and even has an elastic string leash for the top, so it doesn’t bounce out even if the ride gets rough. The bottle also sits at an angle so that it is easy to reach back and grab, even with the pack fully secured.

The Savu 2 is just enough pack to comfortably and securely carry the few things you need on your ride, and to stay hydrated while you do it. We love the comfortable goods Osprey always makes, and are excited to start doing laps and commutes with this pack on our back. 

$50; 3 colors; osprey.com