Plant-Based mountainFLOW Lube Says Goodbye to Petroleum

Many riders are attracted to cycling for the environmental benefits. Most bikes are solely human powered; they don’t rely on polluting fossil fuels. Trips to the grocery store, work, your friend’s house, can all happen under your own power. Not only is it a liberating feeling, it also helps air quality and limits the production of greenhouse gasses. But, making the bicycle work often includes the use of those very things we are avoiding: petroleum products.

Like most moving metal-on-metal interfaces, bicycle gears and chains rely on lube and grease, almost always petroleum-based, to keep themselves moving smoothly. But now there is another option.

mountainFLOW, a company some may know from their petroleum-free ski wax, is now making plant-based bike lube, grease, wax, and cleaner/degreaser, to keep your bike looking fresh, and moving smoothly, all without using any petroleum at all.

It might seem like nit picking, trying to limit the small amount of oil that goes onto a machine that already eliminates so much oil. But what you put on your bike ends up where you ride your bike. If you ride your bike over dirt trails, on pathways along rivers, or through puddles and small streams, the lubricant on your bike and chain will inevitably end up in and on whatever you ride over. While the individual impact may be small, in popular cycling areas, these small pollutants can really add up. By switching to plant based lubricants, you help our favorite areas stay healthy and natural.

MountainFLOW bike lube comes in a few formulas. The all-weather is for all riding conditions and ready for the chain on gears on any style of bicycle, including e-bikes. The wet formulation is engineered for the same machines, but just on those days when, or in those areas where, you can expect a lot of rain and dampness.

And if you want to limit the mess going onto your own hands, as well as the bike and environment, mountainFLOW offers a bike lube wax. The wax goes on to your chain just like a more traditional lube, but it has a much thicker formula. This keeps it from running all over your chain, off your bike, and onto your clothing and hands.

You apply the wax like a normal lube, but then let it sit for five minutes. This allows the wax to bond and set on your chain. It then will provide the same lubrication as a traditional lube, with less mess, and all without picking up dirt or grime from your ride. It’s a great addition to the riding kit of someone looking for less mess, less environmental impact and a whole lot of rad riding.

These mountainFLOW products are a revolution in what it takes to keep your bike on the road. We no longer need to use petroleum to keep our metal bike components working in tip top shape.

Lubes: $14/ 4oz. bottle; Wax: $16/ 4oz. bottle