Portland Design Works Tool Keg Review

Self-sufficiency is crucial for staying out on a ride. Being ready to tackle the problems that pop up on a ride, like a popped tire, loose saddle, or misaligned handlebars means you can keep pedaling. But fixing those problems necessitates having the right tools. That brings up a problem though, how exactly to carry your multitool, tubes, tire levers and CO2. Thankfully, the Portland Design Works Rose City Tool Keg is a perfect solution that fits well on your bike, but but won’t stand out to bike thieves.

Other solutions exist for carrying your tools, like putting them in a tool roll in your jersey pocket, or strapping them on your handlebars or seat rails, but not everyone loves having a tool roll rub on their back, and bags can stick out to thieves, meaning you have to take your bag on and off your bike each time you stop. The tool keg solves both these problems.

The keg is the same thickness as a cycling water bottle. In fact, it is just about exactly the size of a cycling water bottle without the upper third. This means it easily slides into a water bottle cage and, importantly, stays in place. Once on your bike, it doesn’t stand out like a valuable bag, it blends in and looks like any inexpensive cycling bottle. It makes me feel more confident leaving my tubes and tools on my bike. And when your tools are on your bike, they won’t be forgotten at home, and you’ll actually have them when you need them.

The keg has a 16oz capacity which is plenty of room for a tube, tire levers, multitool and tire levers as well as any other smalls, like cash, that you may want on your ride. It’s easy to access all of them with the widemouth screw-on lid, and if there’s anything you want just a bit more secure, on the inside of the lid there is a small “stash” cap that screws to the top of the lid. It’s a clever idea, a small interior section, but it seems odd that if it were really trying to be a “stash” cap it would be the same color as the rest of the bottle, not a bright red against the black of the bottle. We immediately recognized it when we first opened the keg.

The outside of the keg has a great red rose design, in honor of Portland Design Works’ home city, Portland, Oregon, affectionately known as the “Rose City.”

The tool keg is an elegant, simple and attractive solution to a problem we all have on our bikes, where to put all the crap we need in case anything goes wrong. No matter what small things you need to carry on your ride, the tool keg is ready to carry them, and keep them secure and in place.

$12; ridepw.com