Retrospec Jax Rev Folding E-Bike

E-bikes are awesome. They make cycling easier, let us go further distances, and make getting around for errands simple, even without a car. But what if your e-bike could come along with you for trips that extend past your even e-assisted capabilities? The reality is, not all trains and cars are capable of carrying a bike, let alone an e-bike. That’s why we are thrilled to see the Retrospec Jax Rev, a compact, foldable e-bike.

The Jax Rev is compact, but it packs a serious punch. It looks like a relatively short and stout machine. Its frame size is 20 inches with 20-inch tires. While this keeps the bike small, the 3-inch-thick fat tires keep it capable. It is ready for rough roads, dirt pathways, and even sandy stretches. Adding to that comfort and durability, the Jax Rev also has a front suspension with 80mm of travel. Don’t be fooled by the small stature; the bike is capable, even when the road ahead is a mess.

As for power, you have two options, either a 48V/500W Motor or a 48V/750W Motor. The 500W setup gives you a range of 20-25 miles while the 750W gives you 30-35 miles. That greater range is due in part to the larger battery in the 750W system, 13Ah in the 750W system versus 10.4Ah in the 500W system. You can use this power either in the form of pedal assist or with the included throttle. The bike also has a 3 mph start aid which helps you with that initial speed up from a dead stop. This is particularly useful as the bike weighs about 63 pounds.

Thankfully, the bike comes with mechanical disc brakes to stop that impressive power and substantial weight. For convenience, the bike also comes with fenders, a built-in rear rack, built-in front and rear lights, as well as a bell and kickstand. You also have bike controls on the handlebars which allow you to easily click between the five levels of assist, with easy to manipulate + and – buttons right on the handlebars. In the rear, a three-light battery-level indicator tells you how much juice you have, though we wish it broke down the battery level into more than just thirds.

Of course, the most impressive thing about this bike, and what makes us so excited to see it hit the streets, is the fact that this electric bicycle folds in half. The mechanism is easy to use. A single joint on the frame lets you fold the bike in half. Then the handlebars and pedals fold in to keep the folded size small. Fully folded, the bike is just 38 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 30 inches high, far smaller than a standard e-bike. This makes it great for putting in a trunk, or pulling it to the seat next to you on the train, especially since the bike will roll when it is folded.

We are thrilled by the growth of e-bikes, and even more so by these innovative solutions that make incorporating an e-bike into your life easy and fun. Regardless of the surface, or what you need to get there, the Retrospec Jax Rev is ready. We are excited to see them on the roads and paths and can’t wait to throw a leg over our own.