Specialized Revamps the Turbo Vado and Como e-Bikes

We’ve written about Specialized’s Turbo Vado electric bike in the past, but this year the company, which has been making electric bikes since 2009, rebuilt the Vado from the wheels up. Along with the powerful commuter/all-around Vado, Specialized also redesigned the Como, a more upright and relaxed urban bike.

For this year’s Vado and Como, Specialized took the Turbo Full Power 2.2 motor from the Specialized Levo e-MTB. The bikes benefit from this motor’s improved durability, so whether you are dropping off curbs or fail to avoid that pothole, your bike will keep going. The motor also has increased reliability and performance, offering up to 90 Nm of torque and 560 watts of power. These motors intelligently react to your pedaling to apply the right amount of assist, up to 4x your pedaling power. They also do this more efficiently, meaning both bikes have a range up to 90 miles.

The difference in bikes is in their intended purpose. The Como has a more upright, relaxed position great for riding around town and running errands, while the Vado has these capabilities as well as a geometry that is prepared for longer rides, tours and even light off-trail adventure.

Each bike will also feature an 80mm front suspension fork to smooth out the bumps and ruts of your daily riding. You also won’t have to worry about the battery running out as each bike also features Mastermind, the brain and display of your bike. The Mastermind, which can display all your relevant information including speed, battery level and suspension adjustments.

The Mastermind is the center point of a slew of new electronic upgrades to both bikes. Your e-bike will now be able to download software updates over the air to improve the performance of the bike over its lifetime. Each bike, in combination with the Mission Control app, allows riders to activate the Turbo System Lock. This shuts down the motor and turns on a motion sensor alarm to deter theft, both of which can only be turned off by the bike’s owner.

Both bikes are also available with a Gates Belt Drive which reduces maintenance, and the likelihood that you’ll show up to work with grease all over your hands. They are also available at three different levels, with variations in power, pricing, and features. Higher levels also have a Mastermind integrated rear-facing Garmin radar that will visually, audibly, and haptically warn you of the distance and speed of cars coming up from behind, up to 140 meters away.

These bikes will bring new capability, performance and range to the growing, and increasingly competitive, e-bike sector. We can’t wait to see them in action.