The Old Man Mountain Divide Rack Fits Just About Any Bike

When you’re shopping for a bike rack, it can be stressful trying to figure out what exactly will fit your bike. There are so many features, attachment points and options to choose from, and the last thing you want to do is go through the painstaking process of fitting a rack to your bike, only to realize that it doesn’t fit at all. Thankfully, Old Man Mountain has a rack that can solve this problem.

Racks are a great way to carry your cargo to work, to a picnic, or out on a weekend adventure. Whether you’re attaching panniers or a milk crate, a strong rack is essential to moving gear confidently, without spilling your goods down the streets. Old Man Mountain’s new Divide rack, and Divide Fat rack (for fat tire bikes) gives you that confident platform, and the ability to carry up to 55 pounds.

The divide rack is versatile both in terms of what it can carry and which bikes it can attach to.

One of the coolest features about this rack is that whether you put it on your commuter, your gravel bike, your e-bike, or mountain bike, the rack will fit, and fit over either the front or the rear tire. For the most basic installation, the rack mounts to eyelets near your axles for a strong and confident mount. If your bike doesn’t have eyelets, though, you are not out of luck.

If your bike does not have eyelets, you can mount to your bike’s skewers, or buy Old Man Mountain’s thru axle kit to allow you to mount it to even the raciest bikes’ thru axles. And when you do, the rack’s load capacity increases to 70 pounds!

The rack can be mounted via thru-axles.

The versatility of this rack makes it easy to move from one bike to another depending on your adventure. This means the same rack that carries your dress shoes to work on your commuter can carry your hiking boots to the trailhead on your weekend bikepacking adventure.

It’s an incredibly versatile rack that works across various platforms for wherever the rubber of your tires takes you. Carry gear on the front, carry gear on the rear, and be confident that it will be with you wherever you stop pedaling.