Thousand Chapter MIPS Helmet Review A commuter helmet with some slick features

No matter how experienced a rider you are, things happen. If you’re riding a bike, you need to protect yourself from your own mistakes and those of others. While we all hope we’ll never need a helmet, it’s essential safety gear when you’re on a bike. But just because you have to wear a helmet doesn’t mean that wearing one has to be a drag. The Chapter MIPS, a new helmet from Thousand, includes a number of comfort and convenience features that we love. 

You’re more likely to wear a helmet if it fits into how you use it, and importantly, when you’re not using it. That’s why one of our favorite features on this helmet is the “poplock.” It’s a relatively simple feature, just a hole in the helmet’s side with a plastic cover, but it lets you thread your bike lock through your helmet when you lock it up. That means you don’t have to carry your helmet, leave it with your bike, or worry about someone cutting the strap you did lock it through.

The helmet is also well designed with an integrated visor to block out the sun, a well ventilated top, and a casual commuter shape. Importantly though, this helmet also has a built in rear light. The rechargeable light attaches on the back of your helmet magnetically allowing drivers and riders to see you from behind, but you can easily remove it to take it inside to charge. It works as a solid light or flashing red.


The Thousand Charter also has the MIPS system integrated. This is an additional layer of protection that handles rotational impact better than non-MIPS versions, which helps protect you from a concussion should you take a spill on your bike. And thanks to an adjustable fit system that tightens or loosens easily with a knob in the back of your helmet, you won’t have to worry about it fitting while you wear a beanie, have frizzy hair, or just shaved your head.

Overall we were impressed with the thoughtful design and effectiveness of this commuter helmet.