Top 9 Taillights Rear Lights for Nighttime and Daytime Riding

Lights are an important part of cycling safety, both during nighttime and daytime. Check out these nine options that will keep you visible whenever you ride.

Bontrager Flare RT Rear Bike Light

If you’re seeking the brightest daytime-running light in the smallest package possible, look no further than the Bontrager Flare RT. Putting out up to 90 lumens, this light can be seen from up to 2 kilometers away thanks to specially designed interruptive flash patterns. On full power flash mode, the waterproofed Flare RT has you covered for up to 6 hours, or up to 15 hours on lower settings. When it’s time to recharge, just plug it in via Micro USB.


Kryptonite XBR

The Kryptonite XBR brings next-level visibility day or night. This rechargeable light features seven modes, including ones specifically for daytime or nighttime riding, and shines anywhere from 10 to 36 hours, depending on mode. But the coolest feature of this light is the acceleration sensor, which detects when you slow down and triggers an additional LED at the bottom—it’s a brake light for your bike! And there’s no need to wonder about battery life thanks to a built-in indicator that shines red at under 25 percent battery life.


Lezyne KTV Pro Smart Rear

The Lezyne KTV Pro Smart Rear light is the perfect solution for riders who want to simplify their on-bike safety. Featuring Smart Connect, this light can communicate with the Lezyne LED Ally phone app to choose different modes and even turn the light on and off. But the most useful features is its ability to pair with select front lights, meaning you can press the power button on one light and both the front and rear will turn on!


Specialized Flashback Taillight

When it comes to tail lights, you don’t need to have the flashiest model (no pun intended), but you should at least have something to make you visible to others. The Specialized Flashback Taillight is a compact light that makes your presence known without breaking the bank. Use this $20 light as your main taillight, or clip it onto your shirt, helmet, or anywhere really as an extra light. Thanks to its o-ring mount and built-in fabric belt clip, this waterproof light is ready to unleash some lumens wherever you need.


Niterider Sentry Aero 260 Taillight

If you spend most of your time on a road bike, you may want to check out the Niterider Sentry Aero 260 Taillight. Featuring dual LED light strips, this light pumps out an otherworldly 260 lumens. And by focusing that light through an inner and an outer lens, the Sentry creates long-range visibility when viewed from behind, as well as visibility from most side angles. And what’s an aero-shaped light without the ability to attach to an aero seatpost? Luckily the Sentry Aero includes both standard and aero seat post straps.


Knog Mid Cobber

Riding in urban spaces means sharing the road with cars, other riders and pedestrians. Make sure you’re seen from all directions with the Knog Mid Cobber. Putting out a wraparound 330-degrees of light, this taillight is sure to grab the attention of road users in all directions. Lasting up to 100 hours on a charge, it’s always ready to ride. And it comes pre-loaded with eight attention-grabbing light patterns, but you can customize your own in the ModeMaker app. 


Topeak Redlite Mini

Weighing in at 22 grams, Topeak’s rechargeable Redlite Mini delivers three bright 0.2W red LEDs in a compact package. This water resistant taillight offers three different modes with 220 degrees of visibility, and up to 15 hours of run time in a blink sequence. And attaching it to a bike is tool-free and super easy—ether use the included rubber straps or attach it to any Topeak bag with the integrated mounting clip. 


Cateye Wearable X

The Cateye Wearable X is the perfect solution if you want a small light with plenty of visibility that you can always have with you. Weighing a grand total of 17 grams with the rechargeable battery, the Wearable X easily slips into a bag and then just as easily reports for duty, clipping onto clothes or strapping onto a bike. And despite keeping a flat profile, the Wearable X features a lens that projects light out the sides, for visibility from all angles.


Planet Bike Superflash 65

Costing just $23, the Superflash 65 from Planet Bike provides another great low-cost rear light option. This water-resistant light provides 220-degrees of visibility and weighs in at 70 grams. While most lights these days trend toward built-in rechargeable lithium batteries, the Superflash 65 still opts for tried and true AAA batteries, which some might prefer for the set and forget (for a while) nature of the battery life, which lasts up to 130 hours on flash mode.


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