Topeak Flashstand Slim X Review A slim choice for standing your bike up at home, or at gorgeous spots on your ride

Many adult bikes don’t come with a kickstand, but thankfully the Flashstand acts as a sort of portable, removable kickstand. Rather than coming off the hub or chainstays, though, it slides over your bicycle’s crank arm (what the pedal attaches to) to give your bike, regardless of brand or type, something to lean against and stay upright.

The Flashstand Slim X packs into a slender aluminum sleeve about the size of a tube of toothpaste. But when you press the black button on the back, two parallel legs descend from the body before fanning out in a V, perpendicular to the body of the Flashstand. These act like splayed toes, giving a solid stance on the ground, while the now empty body of the stand points upright. The empty body slides over one of your bike’s crank arms, with room for your pedal to slide out of the opening in the front. With the flashstand slid over your crank arm, you rotate the pedals until the crank arm with the stand on it is pointed directly down, at 6 o’clock, and the stand legs hit the ground.

When the legs hit the ground, the bike can lean toward the stand, and stay upright on its own. Depending on the surface or angle of the ground you set it on, though, the front wheel may turn slightly, but getting it to point directly forward for the perfect photos, or to stay parallel alongside your wall or behind your couch, takes just a touch of adjustment.

The Flashstand Slim X fits bikes of all sizes thanks to an allen bolt that comes out of the bottom of the stand. This raises or lowers a plastic shelf within the body of the stand to either come up to meet your crank arm, or slide down to give more room in the body of the stand. It makes it easy to adjust the stand for the perfect fit on your bike, but it did give us a couple of problems. If you over-tighten the bolt, the small metal piece that keeps the plastic shelf attached can shoot off. We did this by accident when adjusting the stand to its extremes and spent more than a few minutes tracking down and reinstalling the sliver of metal.

While the stand packs down into a small package, that size depends on the size of your bike and length of your crank arm from the ground. If you need to extend the plastic shelf in the body of the stand upward to better fit your bike, it will stick out farther from the body of the stand when it is completely folded up. We wish there were a way to easily and quickly slide the shelf back down, but the only option is to screw it back down, meaning you’d have to adjust the screw again when the stand was unfolded in use.

When you are done using the stand, all you have to do is fold the legs together, press the button on the back again and then slide the legs back into the body of the stand—an easy fit. The entire stand only weighs 196 grams, can hold loads over 30 pounds, and can adjust to accommodate road bike crank arms 165mm to 175mm.

Whether you want to bring it on your next adventure ride, or just leave it set up in the living room, it’s a great option to keep your prized possession upright.