Topeak Mini P20 Review: Small but Mighty


In your arsenal of bike maintenance gear, you’re going to want to have a bike multi-tool. Of course they are great for your common ailments, like changing a tire, but they’re also key for any number of problems, or even slight annoyances, that can happen on a bike. And many fixes can be done by even the most mechanically inept, if they have the right tool.

Maybe your seat post keeps dropping, handlebars twist awkwardly downward or turn side to side independent of your wheel. It could be that your phone mount keeps flipping down, or even that your Hoover Dam commemorative license plate keeps falling off the back of your bike. With the right tool, you can fix, tighten and adjust all of these yourself. And for a tool that can handle all this and more, without weighing you down, we love the Topeak Mini P20.

The Mini P20 weighs only 131 grams, a touch more than a deck of cards, and comes in a tiny package, about three inches by an inch and as thick as a phone with a case on. It makes it easy to toss in your pocket or bag, even if you’re just popping down around the corner. An easy to carry tool is an easy to use tool, especially since you never know when something will go the wrong way.

Tool wise, the Mini P20 has: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm Allen wrenches, 8mm hex socket, T15 and T25 Torx wrenches, spoke wrenches, a chain tool and master link tool, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a knife blade with serrations. For most bikers, it’s more tools than they’ll know how to use, which means it’s a tool you can grow with.

The variety of tools makes it supremely useful, we especially love the 6mm Allen wrench which is great for wheel axles that don’t have quick releases. The knife is also particularly handy. You never know when you’ll have to cut a piece of cloth or twine, or something that might be stuck in your cassette. Its easy to use locking mechanism makes it safe and simple to use.

We were also impressed that the Allen wrenches, though short, are solidly mounted to the tool. This means you won’t bend the Mini P20 out of shape even if you are trying to loosen the bolt that was “hand tightened” by the bike tech with 20 years of experience. The only limiting factor will be your strength, not the tool’s.

All that, and it even comes with a lightweight neoprene case that’ll make sure it doesn’t do more harm, rubbing against other gear in your bag or pocket. It’s a light package with the tools novice and experienced riders alike will need to get home when something goes wrong.