Topeak TetraRack M2 Review

If you are using a mountain bike or e-bike to commute, ride recreationally while carrying some of your gear, or using it as a big-time hauler on the way back from the grocery store, you might find it hard to find an appropriate rack that fits your bike, has solid connection, and works with your bike’s unique geometry. Many of these bikes have wider wheels, tires, and chainstays at various angles that make finding a rack off the shelf difficult. There is a large demand and a small supply of rigid, inflexible and imperfect options.

That is why we love the TetraRack M2 from Topeak. This rack has easy to manipulate, but impressively precise ways to manipulate and adjust it to fit your bike perfectly. The rack attaches to your bike’s seat stays, the two bars that run from near the bottom of your seat to the rear hub. Depending on the bike, these come in various widths, distances from one each other, and angles to the seat tube that can make it quite difficult to find a rack that works. But the M2 is up for the task.

The rack has multiple joint-like connections that you can adjust and tighten with a hex bolt. The two arms of the rack can spread or tighten from 95 to 125 mm apart and change angles to one another without sacrificing the rack’s security or strength. Simply loosen the appropriate hex screws, push the rack to where you want it, and tighten your hex bolts down.  It’s an incredibly easy and quick adjustment process that means you don’t need to worry about an improper fit or an annoying rattle.

When your rack is adjusted and ready to mount to the bike, it uses a simple velcro system to attach quickly. For many that could be a security concern, as you’d imagine if someone can Velcro on a rack, someone could Velcro off a rack and walk away with it. Topeak  works around this issue with another set of hex screws that push a brake onto the Velcro. Loosen the screws and you can tighten the Velcro around the seat stays, put the rack in the perfect place, and then tighten down the brakes with the hex screws. That way, if someone were to try to steal the rack, they would have to get down on their knees with a hex wrench loosen every screw, and then loosen the Velcro enough to pull the rack off.

Once you have your rack perfectly secure to your bike you also have the ability of adjust the shelf of the racket itself to fit horizontally to the ground, regardless of the angle of your seat stays. Each side of the rack is actually a track. When you loosen the proper hex screws at the bottom of the rack shelf, you can slide it back and forth on the arced tracks to adjust the angle of the shelf until it is perpendicular to the ground. When fit properly, it can even hold up to 26 pounds.

When all the hex screws are tightened down, the rack’s shelf is high enough above the rack mounts that you are able to fit the rack over large wheels as well as wheel fenders to ensure that no matter what your setup is, your bike rack will work with it.

As you are building out your commuting or errand running vehicle, the TetraRack is a great fit for your mountain bike and e-bike. You’ll be able to fit your rack easily, and carry your loads confidently, no matter what you are riding.