Topeak Toolbox 30: A Tool Box for the Job or Riding a bike

No one likes having a mechanical issue when out on a bike ride. Maybe it’s a flat tire and you don’t have quick release wheels, maybe your seat post got loose and crashed a few inches putting your knees in your chest, or maybe your handlebars are just a little bit too loose. No matter what it is, if you’re going to fix it you’re going to need the right tools.

But even the most experienced bike mechanics, enthusiasts and racers have had the moment where they go to fix their bike only to realize they left their bike tool on the counter at home or it bounced out of a jersey pocket over a particularly rough section of pavement. Knowing what’s wrong with your bike and how to fix it, but being incapable of doing so because you don’t have the right tools is perhaps the very most frustrating feeling. It makes a small issue into a big deal and potentially a day ruiner.

That’s why we love the Topeak Toolbox 30. This bike tool comes with 30 functions in a compact design stored in a hard-shell plastic toolbox that attaches directly to your bicycle. You can leave it on your bike so that you never have to worry if you have your tool set with you when you head out for a long ride or a quick jaunt around the town.

The Mini PT 30 tool that comes in the toolbox is a supremely capable multi-tool. It comes with everything you need and many things that you will likely never need, though you’ll still be glad to have them. It has two screwdrivers torx bits, hex keys, but it also has an integrated locking knife, a chain break tool, and even a disc brake spacer to keep your brake calipers from getting stuck together if you accidentally pull the brake lever while your tire is off as you change a flat.


And if you think you are not in danger of getting a flat because you are running tubeless tires, you’ll be glad to know it also has tubeless tools like a knife and plug tool should you have the misfortune of running over a nail or some other puncturing object.

Perhaps what we love most, though, is the toolbox itself. It is made of durable hard plastic, about as thick, and slightly narrower, as a deck of cards. The case closes with an easy latch system that guarantees a tight close no matter what rough terrain you go over, including off-trail. The mini 30 slides in easily but snuggly so that you do not have to worry about any annoying rattle while you ride.

There are a number of mounting options including a cage mount, a frame mount, or a strap mount. The frame mount is potentially the easiest as the toolbox mount can fit over a water bottle mount on your bike frame and bolt in directly to the frame. You can also mount the box with a compatible Topeak Ninja Master + bottle cage so that the toolbox sits beneath the cage and shares the water bottle mounts.

If neither of those options sound good, or you prefer to put your toolbox somewhere else, you can use the included zip ties to mount the toolbox wherever you would like it most, though we recommend some sort of protection, like frame tape, between the straps and your bike to prevent paint wear. When mounted, the toolbox is discrete enough that you may even be able to leave it on unattended without anyone noticing it.

The Topeak Toolbox 30 combines ability and portability which are two of the most important features when you’re trying to fix your bike. We’re looking forward to having it riding next to our bottle cage for hundreds of miles to come.