Velocio Foundation Bib Short Review High quality, entry level bib shorts from a brand we trust

Whether you’re looking for cycling clothing to wear under your street clothes, or maybe are ready to make the leap to a skin-tight cycling kit, having something that is comfortable, well designed and affordable is essential. And that starts with a bib short and chamois. But the world of cycling apparel can be confusing. What padding do you need? Who makes good gear for beginners? Well, if you’re just getting started cycling and looking for a high quality bib at an affordable price, we love the Velocio Foundation Bib Short. 

Velocio is perhaps better known for its very high end equipment, with great quality, attention to detail and finish. But with that detail comes cost. It’s not always cheap to have the most comfortable gear. But that is where this bib fills the gap.

The Foundation takes what Velocio knows from making bibs for elite athletes, and gives the trimmed down technology to those new to the sport of cycling. The bib fits great, and stays in place while you ride without being constricting, or chaffing. The shoulder straps are thick and comfortable and criss cross your back for a secure fit, and a rad look. Velocio combines this with a five-panel design that fits your body the way it arches as you ride a bike, without giving you seams along high chaffe areas. 

The bib also has built-in leg grippers, to keep it from riding up your quads, that are still comfortable enough to avoid irritating your skin or leg hair. They’re great if you’re wearing the bibs underneath a short or pant, as you won’t have to try to rearrange them at a stoplight after pedaling hard.

Velocio saves the lion’s share of the cost for the Foundation bib in the chamois. You should always be wary of companies that skimp on the chamois, but rather than skimp, Velocio made the chamois from their Signature bib simpler and thinner with a high density design that delivers comfort at a lower price. It makes for a cheaper chamois that doesn’t feel cheap.

While this might not make it the best option for 4-hour weekend gravel grinds, that isn’t the riding that most folks just getting into more serious cycling apparel are doing. It’ll be plenty for an hour or two weekend mid-distance ride, or for your commute to work. And what’s more, it’s made with 78-percent recycled nylon, part of Velocio’s commitment to making gear that is more environmentally friendly, while still being high performance.

It’s a great introductory piece from a brand we trust. We will be keeping it in our rotation along with other, far more expensive, bibs. 

$129; sizes XS-XXXXL men’s, XXS-XXXL women’s;