Velocio RECON Stealth Pant Review Commuting pants you don't have to change out of when you get to the office

If you don’t have a locker room/ changing facility at your work, your ride is too short to warrant getting into proper cycling clothing or you have a day of errands hopping on and off your bike, having pants that can handle the ride but also work whatever you do off the bike is essential to keeping you comfortable, and coming back to your ride.

The Velocio RECON Stealth Pant is a great pair of commuting pants for a cool spring or fall ride to work, a summer ride to the office or a mountain bike ride when you don’t want to scrape your legs up on bramble. While not an insulated pant, it would also work great with a base layer for that cold December ride.

The magic starts in the fabric, a milled nylon-elastane. It has 4-way stretch, meaning it will move with you, however you move. Whether that’s standing up on your pedals to get a little extra oomph, or bending over to pick up a letter that fell off the mail cart, you’re not going to blow out any seams. The cut of the pants, with a gusset crotch in the shape of a bib short chamois, complements the fabric so that it moves well when you’re sitting on your saddle.

Many pieces of cycling garb rely on man-made materials to accommodate the rigors of riding, but that leaves unsavory thoughts about what  will happen to those pieces of apparel after they have outlived their usefulness. Many will end up in dumps, to rot—or more likely, not rot—for decades to come. This fabric from Velocio, though, will biodegrade more than 75 percent in five years in the right conditions. That means you can feel better about helping the planet by riding your bike, and know that the clothing that helps you isn’t hurting it.

The RECON Stealth also have a slew of features that makes them great for how you ride your bike. The front two pockets are zipper closure, to keep your things where they need to be, even with your legs pumping. Another front pocket, on the right side below your standard pocket, has a large vertical zipper that allows you to keep things like your phone or credit cards secured on the outside of your leg, avoiding crunching in your hip crease as you pedal. Finally, you do have a more standard single rear pocket with a standard closure. The pockets are mesh lined to help keep you from overheating with layers upon layers of fabric.

To keep you safe, the pants also have reflective swatches on the rear of your ankle cuffs. This location maximizes your visibility as the pedaling motion will have the cuff moving and more likely to catch the light of a car coming up from behind you.

Appearance wise, they look like an athletic fitting modern pair of slacks. They’re dressier than athleisure, with performance better suited to the activities you do. This dual usage helps, slightly, lessen the sting of their $249 price tag.

The RECON Stealth pant is an incredible piece for your commuting wardrobe, that will work great in the office or back trails. Plus, they’re comfortable and flexible enough that you’ll find yourself wearing them even when your bike is in the shop.