Winter Riding Gloves We Love Gloves for every temperature

Riding year round is great, but in many areas of the United States winter riding adds a slew of new challenges. Especially in snowy areas, staying warm necessitates wearing layer upon layer. No matter what you do though, It can be particularly difficult to keep your hands warm. They don’t move while you ride, and they sit out in front of you taking all the wind and water your ride throws up.

Having cold hands isn’t just uncomfortable; it can be dangerous. Beyond injury like frostbite, having frozen hands can weaken your grip and make you slower at shifting and braking, which could come at a real cost if you are slow to respond to a threat in the road. With the right equipment though, you can stay comfortable and on the road all year long. With our years of winter riding experience, we have found a few favorite riding gloves.

Give’r Classic Gloves

When the winter temperatures start to drop, the first gloves we reach for are the Give’r Classic gloves. They’re great for shoulder season rides where you might get a light snow flurry, rain or sleet. The leather glove is covered in beeswax to make it waterproof, so whether you’re getting rain or slop tossed up at you from the road surface your hands will stay dry. The gloves also have a great liner that adds nice warmth to these leather work gloves.

They’re not cycling specific, so we find ourselves using them for a bunch of other tasks throughout the year. We love the tough material for riding though, especially on gravel rides when we might have to hop off our bike, grab a tree branch to steady ourself, or if we tumble to the ground after hitting an unexpected rut. Plus the more you wear and sweat in them, the better they’ll fit and feel.

Order them from Give’r website and you can even get them monogrammed with your initials for an extra $5.

$44 (+$5 for monogram);

Velocio Alpha Glove

When the snow really starts coming down, we grab the Velocio Alpha Glove. This cycling specific glove is in line with the rest of Velocio’s gear: supremely well designed, effective and comfortable.

The outside of the glove is covered in eVent DVStretch softshell. The material is tough and durable, and the durable water repellent finish is windproof and great at shedding water, mist, rain and snow. The glove uses Polartec Alpha Direct insulation which is incredibly soft and comfortable, like sliding your hands into a plush blanket. And it stays that way even after a hard workout! With that comfort comes great cold weather performance. Even over the course of an hour-long ride at 25 degrees our hands feel comfortable.

The gloves fit like the rest of your kit. They grip your hands without squeezing them, ensuring that they stay in place and don’t bunch as you get out of your saddle, shift and brake. The cuff also goes far up your wrist, with plenty of space to reach over the edge of your long-sleeved jersey, preventing any uncomfortable exposed gap at your wrist.

$119; 2 colors;

Craft Unisex Siberian Glow Split Finger Glove

When the temperatures get seriously low and the weather gets seriously messy, we turn to some serious gloves. The Craft Unisex Siberian Glow Split Finger winter gloves work as well on a bicycle as they do on the ski slopes. They are ridiculously warm. The lobster claw design gives you benefits of both gloves and mittens, without the drawbacks of either. Your fingers stay close together to conserve warmth, but the split-finger design allows you to easily manipulate your shifters and brakes, something you can’t do with a mitten.

The shell is windproof and waterproof, to keep the outside outside, and the inside has a soft and warm fleece lining. The palms have a nice rubberized swatch to help keep your hands firmly planted on the bars no matter how messy they might get.